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'Tropula' 2 oversized macrame bracelets, which, because of their sufficient length, can also be worn as an anklet or a close-fitting necklace, are made from seeds and cores from our earth. The versatile product was hand-knotted with a durable macramé thread for nature lovers. They can be sold as a set or individually. The pearls are parts of nature, some of which were collected and processed ourselves. The closure is made of a real silver clip, which can be hooked into any eyelets and adjusted to your own size. It is advised NOT to moisten the seeds, ie bathing with them would not be advisable for them to be preserved. The brown tones of the bracelets are universally adjustable and suit people with a large-XXXLarge joint circumference, 20-35 cm long, each weight: 5 g.
The price as a set, both together, single price half!

'Tropula' 2 oversized macrame bracelets, foot or necklace L-XXXL

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