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die dritte (the third) hand slow fashion and art designer

The third hand ... sees itself as a future- oriented online shop with offers from handmade underground fashion from Berlin.
The 3rd hand is a production with philosophy ; It supports fair and conscious consumption by offering products that are manufactured second- hand, which can then be used as a 'third- hand ' . With a further intervention in the unwanted remains, it enables a new functionality . Due to the optimal redesign, the piece gets a special originality and changes from an unattractive rest to an artistic one-off. We are of the opinion that unwanted clothing, new and old, or remnants of any kind, are raw materials and that they can be excellently processed. This means that what is already there, inevitably produced, is brought back into circulation , thus avoiding any new purchases.

We want people to find their special piece and feel comfortable with it.
When designing, we pay attention to their stability, practical handling, longevity, preservation of their originality, multifunctionality and a gender-specific allocation . In some cases we offer anti-allergic jewelry that is deliberately made without metal pieces. We attach great importance to making special pieces for people who otherwise would hardly find anything matching their outfit on the market, because here we enrich ourselves with the diversity of the underground. We offer Urban Underground Style , which emphasizes individuality and enhances self-esteem. Accessories can increase self-esteem through the inner attitude towards themselves and facilitate communication.

Whether elegant, rocky, dark, mysterious, extravagant, natural or cheeky , our designs offer the opportunity to complement your own style or to try out a suitable one.

We are happy to respond to the personal wishes of our customers and design to match the outfit.

The slow fashion label 'The Third Hand' gives your things left in the corner a third chance.

I give your favorite pieces that are in the corner a new life, invent something that can continue its life with you and you can start again. Slow fashion stands for sustainable, conscious, ethical fashion, stands for a change in consciousness and is a contemporary reaction to the mass production of fast fashion. This is about quality and individuality, about appreciation and rethinking. Slow fashion also includes "fair fashion", "fair" to nature, the raw materials and "fair" to the workload.

My fulfillment with the label is to  save our environment  by using leftovers made from raw materials. Using used materials that are still good enough gives a kind of respect. Nowadays we should not waste senselessly, but appreciate the leftovers. There are many ways to reuse them if we turn them into a practical design. The more we recycle already produced products into a wearable version, the fewer resources we waste. So I spend my time designing a new pattern from used clothes, packaging, magazines, accessories, etc. It takes more time to make a product, but you give them value in return. That is why the prices are higher than usual.

My special offer are the personal custom-made products, where my customers bring me their  old favorite pieces and I think about what I can do with them. These memory-filled pieces begin a new life in an altered design. It is like reincarnation, reviving beautiful memories or healing wounds to cleanse the past to start a new life. That makes me and my customers happy and  creates positive vibrations in our cosmos. That's why my label is called 'Die dritte Hand' = 'The Third Hand', where the second hand turns into a third.

Give your things left in the corner a new chance.

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