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Tribal Belly Dance Accessory "Tribal Headdress"

  • unique piece
  • handmade
  • uni-size / one size
  • high quality
  • tribal style
  • Tribal belly dance
  • Tribal belly dance accessory
  • Head accessory
  • natural look
  • hand-sewn, high quality,
  • hand made
  • designed and manufactured by myself
  • stable
  • Stages are easy to put on and take off
  • The fastener is a wide, stable Velcro fastener
  • earth tone
  • natural materials

Tribal Belly Dance headdress Tribal

  • This product has east asian oriental antique jewelry; to the left and right, which were formerly worn as brooches, were considered traditional attachments of veils or robes for the touch of independent art. The combination in this form is a worldwide unique piece.

    Preferably contains natural materials such as: seeds from the Amazon, bones, shells, mother-of-pearl, cotton, leather, glass, ...

    ... but is also adorned with plastic beads and polyester cords.

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