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'Ethnocula' The macrame unisex bracelet made of seeds, cores and horn in brown burgundy tones was specially designed for wide wrists. It consists of seeds and kernels from our earth and was hand-knotted with a durable macrame thread for nature lovers. As well as the pearls and the clasp are parts from nature, some of which were collected and processed by ourselves, so this special bracelet is ideal for those who are allergic to metal. It is advised NOT to moisten it, ie bathing with it would not be advisable in order to preserve it. The lock can be adjusted as required and adjusted to your own size and fits people with a joint circumference from Large to XXXLarge, 19-26 cm long, weight: 7.6 g

'Ethnocula' unisex bracelet L-XXXL Metal-Free

35,00 €Price
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