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  • Can I also place orders according to personal wishes?
    Generally yes...I'm sure that we can reach an just ask. Since I am a trained tailor, I make my own cuts, I am a trained craftswoman (knowledge of metalworking) and have designed and sold jewelry for years, it is possible to make your wishes come true to measure. Your own favorite fabrics, items of clothing or any objects can also be implemented (upcycled) by arrangement. This would give a gift, for example, a more personal contribution. I'm sure I can also help with furniture or metalwork you want new * to design (develop the idea) * make the designed *repair
  • What do I do if the purchased piece needs to be enlarged/reduced?"
    Depending on the model/design and after consultation, I could lengthen/shorten, reduce/enlarge or repair it. Because of the extra work, an extra price will be charged. Rather than getting angry or before throwing it away, I'll offer a solution to your dissatisfaction and see what I can do about it. An unraveled seam, hole in the pocket, burn marks, permanent stain, worn zipper, etc. can be repaired or covered with appliqués. P.S.: It is important to us that people find their special piece here and feel comfortable with it. When designing, we pay attention to their stability, durability, practical handling, preservation of its originality, ...
  • Exchange-Return
    An exchange or return is generally not desired, but is possible depending on the product and your use by arrangement.
  • Are all products made from used materials?
    No, we also offer items that are in mint condition, this is evident from the description. Or just ask!
  • Can you try on, touch and see the products?"
    We are an online shop, but from time to time we have a stand in public at art markets, festivals, concerts, exhibitions, fashion shows etc. For specific dates/locations, see 'current activities'.
  • Are there regular workshops?
    At the moment there are no regular workshops. For specific dates/locations, see 'current activities'. The realization depends on the number of requests. You can register for a desired workshop and we will see how many accumulate.
  • Why is there only one of each product or no selection of different colors or sizes?
    Yes, almost every product is a one-of-a-kind, therefore a special production, that's why it's 'something special' and you won't see it on many people on the street. Depending on the article, a custom-made product is possible ... see question 1
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