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la Shivamundo set, product 1st hand, Shiva Eye are shells that are worn as a talisman, they are said to bring luck and blessings, in this set the more or less equal parts were combined to form a jewelry set, their special feature is the natural shape, which draws us the spiral with a golden section, not suitable for metal allergy sufferers! I have other offers for people with metal allergies, or you can order some from me.

Already packaged for sending and giving away, please inquire for colorful packaging + cost 3 euros

*Gift wrapped with recycled  and homemade  packaging. 
reuse= recycling !  As most leftover packaging is good enough to recycle 
use, repeated use is required for sustainable husbandry. It will be exciting 
if they are additionally styled and decorated with the pages of an art magazine. Here's my offer. On request, I can create a suitable packaging for you or you can choose one from my offers, see page: Upcycling Art.
ACTION: "Save the leftovers, use them again!" - RECYCLING, because our planet is worth it!


Length of earrings: 3.7 cm, width of shells: 1.2 cm, weight: 3.3 g

Pendant dimensions: 2.6 cm length, 2 cm width, weight: 2.4 g

Weight with content: 34.7 g

Size/Dimensions: of the box: 12.5 cm L, 14.5 cm W, 4 cm H

la Shivamundo set, 1 pair of earrings + 1 pendant without chain

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