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La Lapqua earrings + pendant (without chain) set, made of lapis lazuli and white quartz, lockable stainless steel earring hooks, handmade and the product is of course first hand, packed as a gift from recycled and self-made packaging material. reuse= recycling ! Since most packaging scraps are good enough to be reused, reuse is necessary for sustainable husbandry. It will be exciting if they are additionally styled with the pages of an art magazine glued or decorated. Here is my offer. On request, I can create suitable packaging for you or you can choose one from my offers, see page: Upcycling Art. SPECIAL OFFER: "Save the leftovers, use them again!" - REUSE, because our planet is worth it!

Weight packaging with contents: 35.6 g

La Lapqua earrings + pendant (chain not included) set, made of lapis lazuli and white quartz

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